5 things I MUST do EVERY single day of my life

5 things I MUST do EVERY single day of my life… in no particular order.

This is the fuel that drives my overall body, mental and spiritual mind set.   Even if you love your work, you can’t spend the entirety of every day working. You can’t spend it doing just one thing or eating either, as enticing as that may be. However, you’ll find that if each day, you productively do something in each of the following areas, your mood and confidence and charisma, happiness, overall happiness will skyrocket:


  1. Something spiritual – ex. Read the bible, pray, listen to a sermon, something where I’m interacting with God.
  2. Something physical – ex. Going for a run, lifting weights, cross training, walking w/ family, rolling with my students; I MUST exercise my physical body
  3. Something social – I need to interact w/ people, real people not virtual people on the computer, meeting clients, dinner out, stopping by a friends, the gym… something social
  4. Work – calling a client, cooking, if I don’t work I feel like crap, it can be small I just need work.
  5. Something for the mind – contemplative, grow my knowledge, read an article, listen to a motivational message, I LOVE to LEARN.

This is what makes me a more rounded person, these put me and my day in balance… which I for sure need. Make a list of the specific things that make you happy and balanced in each of these categories, and then make an effort to comfortably fit them all into your schedule at least five days a week. Most of these areas don’t need to take more than half an hour each day. And chances are you’re doing at least two of them a day anyway.


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