Some habits from your martial arts training can carry over into your life. One of the most important methods to improve your skills in the martial arts and improve the quality of your life overall is being positive. There will be days where you can’t land a punch in sparring. You will have days where you feel under water or in slow motion. You sometimes won’t be able to find your rhythm or your flow.
When you are having one of these days it’s much harder to be positive and it’s quite easy to become negative. If you focus on the negative it’s hard to improve and you can actually talk yourself into quitting. If however you always stay positive and find the silver lining you will improve faster and just have so much more fun training.
The same goes for life. Some days it’s so hard to be positive and those are the days that are most important to try. Training as well as life has many ups and downs but try to remember that today’s challenge is tomorrow’s victory. Honestly getting better is easier than you think. Stay positive, try hard, and have fun! If you follow this simple plan you will improve. Life and the martial arts are a journey, but it should be an enjoyable experience. Be positive and be happy!
Coach Rob.

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